Gas Products

BBQ Outlets:
BBQ Outlets are customized for customer’s requirements (BBQ, Patio Heaters, single or double)

Custom Gas Lines:
We create custom gas lines, click here for more info!

Itron is one of the oldest regulator and gas meter manufacturers with proven quality and reliable products.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)
– Custom cut lengths!!!
– GasFlo and Wardflex
– Complete inventory

Gas Regulators and Meters Specialists:
– Natural Gas and Propane
– All sizes, types, and for all applications
– Remote meters and pulse outputs for gas meters

Custom Gas Lines:
– Made to Order gas lines: One riser fused on; one riser complete with coupling, tracer wire, coiled

Polyethythene Gas Distribution Products:
– Tees – elbows, couplings
– Risers: (i)flexible, rigid (ii)Perfection Risers and Fittings
– Continental Risers and Fittings
– Tracer Wire and splicers

Gas Specialties:
– Plug Valves – both threaded and flanged
– Lockwing ball valves
– Pipe dopes and thread tape, leak detection
– Gauges – high-pressure and inches wc
– Flexible Connectors: Residential and Commercial, All types and sizes
– Gas hoses

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