Custom Products & Services

Heating Services and Custom Hydro Panels

Hot water (Hydronic) heating is our specialty. We have over 30 years experience in complete calculation and design. Complete prepackaged systems that we customize for you: for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Marine Applications.

– Radiant hot water heating systems
– Baseboard systems
– German panel radiator systems
– Hot water fan coil systems with optional Air Conditioning
– Domestic hot water design plate heat exchanger or tanks
– Onsite trouble shooting and consulting hourly rate or flat rate

BBQ Boxes

Customized to sizing requirements

Gas Distribution Systems

Complete Sizing and Design: Complete custom gas piping system prefabricated and shipped. Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

– Natural gas or propane vapor grid design
– High pressure or low pressure system
– Fusion technicians available for onsite installation and repair
– Machine rentals available for water poly gas pipe and water line
– Flexible connections available
– Complete perfection do-it-yourself product for fast onsite installation
– Specialty products for those difficult, or hard to reach installations
– Gas regulator and meter sizing

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